Interesting Questions

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Question: A curve is given parametrically by `x=frac{9t}{1+t^3}` and `y=frac{9t^2}{1+t^3}`. Sketch the curve and comment on the behaviour as \(t \to -1\).

Problem: Prove \(n^{(n-1)!}\)  divides  \((n!)!\)  (i.e. that \((n!)!\) is a multiple of \(n^{(n-1)!}\)).

Problem: Evaluate \(\sqrt{1+\sqrt{1+\sqrt{1+\sqrt{1+\cdots}}}}\) . Now evaluate \(\sqrt{n+\sqrt{n+\sqrt{n+\sqrt{n+\cdots}}}}\)  and  \(\sqrt{n-\sqrt{n-\sqrt{n-\sqrt{n-\cdots}}}}\)  for  \(n>0\).